Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Maybe It's This

Maybe it's just going to be a situation, where no one gets what you are doing, or why you are doing it. If it feels right in your heart, then the rest does not matter.

Do it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

What It Might Be

These are hard and strange times, as they always have been. Strangeness did not start in the year 2000 or even in 1200. It did not start when we switched from 8 tracks to cassettes. No, we as people having been acting strange, as soon as we pulled ourselves up from that primordial soup, and it continues to this moment.

We take things, we leave behind things, we never know what really is going on inside the head of that other person. I know this, because I know people, and I also know that everyone has everything good and bad inside them at the same time. Everything.

It's what we choose to use, and what we leave behind, that makes us what we are right now at this very moment. 

Be true.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


I walk around smiling and saying hello to everyone I meet, especially the ones who look like they are having a bad day. I always gets smiles and salutations. It's nice. Take a chance and try it sometime. You never know what might happen, but I do know you will never be there again. Take a chance.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016


"The Constitution does not provide for first and second class citizens"   Wendall Willkie

Friday, January 15, 2016

This week

This week l participated in three days of tours at the wonderful Agriculture Museum in beautiful Santa Paula, California. Thursday night I participated at the wine and food tasting affair at MVC on Main Street in Ventura. I mostly stayed out of the way and learned a lot about food. Everything was grand and tasty, and I think everyone enjoyed an incredible night. Next week; more kids and tours. Come to the Agriculture Museum or the Museum of Ventura County, and bring your children. Help us celebrate agriculture, it's workers, and our shared history by supporting your local museum.      

Friday, December 25, 2015


Even if you are feeling alone on this Christmas Day remember you still have a light that shines in all the hearts of those you love and who love you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Anne Shilton Graumlich

My dear friend, Anne Shilton Graumlich, died on what would have been Ruth and my 23 wedding anniversary, September 19, 2015. I wrote this about her, and it was published in the Ventura County Museum newsletter in November 2015. She was a true angel.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Changing the Messsage

When I started this blog over 5 years ago I guess it was because I was tired. I was tired of looking at the words, deeds, and outcomes of others, when what I was seeking was change. The worst sort of change really but it's the one we engage in the most, unfortunately.

I wanted everyone to see things the way that I saw them.

You can see something perfect, and yet, as human beings we think we can improve upon perfection, if only someone would listen to our idea. Everyone is the smartest person in the room when there is no one else there with you. You just know you are right.

I got lucky and found a woman who showed me that life was a compromise, a dichotomy, a place to choose your battles, and fight them wisely; with care, love, and understanding. I was with that woman for 23 years before she died almost 2 years ago now.

I learned I was a link, a valuable link, but a link none the less. The chain is all of us together and apart. We are all chained together by belief and hope. So how stupid am I for wanting the thing that kings, politicians, media outlets, and your best friend, also want; to be heard, believed, and considered, if even only for a moment?

I was on Facebook for 93 days this year, and everyone I knew, got to know, or wanted to know, well, I wanted them to see what I had to say and then understand what I was saying and make a change in their lives. I also saw friends and family that I loved, and I wanted them all to see me and then change.

What a fool, I continue to be.

Nothing changes except yourself.

So since those 93 days, I decided to change myself, again, and it worked. Life is so wonderful because it allows you to reinvent yourself over and over again. I am no longer filled with sorrow every minute of every day, bereft of a wife and seeing no future. I realized that liking something or posting something else was never going to get me where I needed to go, so I left, and went back to the real world.

It's a world where I accept people as they are. A world where my heart is open, and filled with laughter, a world where I can change this whole world, in a very real way. I am there now and it is wonderful. I love all my friends and family, I left behind on Facebook, but they all know they are in my heart every day, and they also knew, my real friends anyway, that I was going to be leaving soon. The road always is calling me.

I am needed in the real world so badly, that it is difficult to maintain this technology driven world but I will try. Just know that if you come to my web page nomessagehere.net you are going to be amazed at the giant mass of insanity there, and you can get to all of my blog pages from there, if they matter to you.

But really, if it does not matter to you, that's OK too. We all have the two lives that we manage everyday and sometimes that leaves no time to think about anything. But I know my two lives, the one I was given, and the other that I made for myself, are all I need, and even if no one reads these words, I will still keep writing them because it's all I can do to try and change myself, and possibly change you too.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello It's Me.

Like I said a few weeks ago I was taking a break from all this writing and thinking to start my own website, and to consider my reappearance in society. I guess when Ruth died I felt there was nothing left in this world for me but that has changed. I never thought I could re-invent myself one more time but it has happened. 

And it has happened so quickly I don't know what to think about it, so I have decided not to overthink myself out of something, and just go with it. I have simply decided to stop worrying about living and just live. Facebook did not work because I could not self-direct it to make it conform to my life. I then realized that everything was out of my control, so I just decided to let go, and try and follow my heart. 

So I did it and the outcome was just the best that it could be. I am seeing a small light at the end of a long tunnel. Something I thought I would never see again. I miss Ruth, and the life we had together but her death does not mean I can stop living. So I am not and will not, and here I go again.