Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Those That Know........

All I can say about this one is you either know what these are or you do not.

Waltham Pocket Watch 1890's

Waltham Pocketwatch, 1890's
Everyone loves these old watches because they are art, disguised as a pocketwatch.

Near Beer for Mom?

Near Beer for Mom
Did you ever feel like you were not all there sometimes? There may be a reason why if your mom boosted her nutrition in this manner.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dayton Gold and Silver Mining Company, 8-8-1877

Assessment Notice, August 8, 1877

This is the notice of receipt of assessment paid by Latham and King of San Francisco to the Dayton Gold and Silver Mining Company. "Prospecting by assessment" was quite popular during this time of California history.

Ormsby County Banking License

Banking License, Ormsby County, Nevada, 1887
This is the license you were issued by Ormsby County, Nevada, in the year 1887, when you wanted to conduct the business of being a bank. The cost to become a bank in 1887 was $25.00 per month, according to this license.

The Emerald Bay Road, Lake Tahoe, California, 1910-1920

The Emerald Bay Road
The Emerald Bay Road in Lake Tahoe, California, 1910-1920

John Lennon's fingerprint card

John Lennon fingerprint card
John did these prints for his green card application in 1976.

Bodie California and JS Cain

JS Cain Company, Bodie, California
Bodie California is one of the most well-preserved ghost towns in the West. This is a card from the JS Cain Company, in Bodie. It was initialed by his son, David Victor Cain, in the year 1906.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Some marbles
As we become adults, it seems like there are fewer games to play in the dirt.

Frank Folsom Frontier Merkin Maker?

Frank G. Folsom, Frontier Merkin Supplier?

Frank Folsom and his father both served in the Nevada statehouse as the first father and son duo to do so. Before going into politics Frank ran a store where he sold hair, along with bricks, wood, and other stuff. All my sources point to hair being used for blankets and whips and such but I have a friend who is convinced the hair was being sold for use in making merkins. I cannot find anything regarding this field of endeavor during the settling of the west but I will continue to look as I would really like to find out if this was occurring in the "old west"