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Monday, February 14, 2011

1994 Los Angeles Rams

1994 is known in the NFL as the year football booted Los Angeles to the curb. In 1994 both the Rams and Raiders left LA, never to return. I hear the NFL is thinking about moving a team to Los Angeles in the near future but that seems crazy in the face of the fact that the Rams and Raiders could not pull fans in a town that has winning teams that play fairly well, along with just about every other type of world class entertainment, right in town. Go to the beach or fight traffic, crazies, and the most inflated prices of any sport? You can see why the Rams and Raiders died on the vine. The Los Angeles Times made and distributed these little sheets at the beginning of the 1994 season. I wonder if they would have made them if they knew the Rams were looking for the exit?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My buddy Ray

My buddy Ray has every NFL television package you can buy, as well as a satellite dish and a whole wall full of televisions. For a person like myself, who has a large dose of that ADD thing, this is football heaven. When I leave Ray's house, the inside of my head looks somewhat like the photos included herein. NFL stickers courtesy of that little machine at the supermarket, and my wife who always loans me fifty cents.