Monday, June 20, 2016

Let's Be Clear

Talk to anyone who has been under fire and ask them: "In a firefight, what's the thing you need the most?" Not one will answer, "As many untrained, untested, and ignorant civilians as possible." 

Not fucking one. 

Got it? Leave your gun in your pocket before you shoot yourself or an innocent person. Sit with your finger on one of these buttons, and then we will talk about security. Until then, stand a post, or shut the fuck up! A vet thanks you. And to answer your unasked question? No. I have never been innocent. 

At least not at since the last time I actually, physically saw you. Has it been 39 years for you. It has been for myself. It's called seclusion, and I am returning there very soon. Before I go.

I have a story. 

I think.



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