Thursday, April 28, 2016

Still On The Bus

Like I explained in my Earth Day post, I don't own a car. It's by choice and I have already listed the reasons I started. The reasons I continue are more complicated.

The first thing is you simply cannot be clinically depressed on a bus. You can be sad but you still have to pay attention, have the right fare ready, know which bus to take, what time it gets there. You need to be a little aware and that staves off that depression a bit. Bus riding also builds in walking, which is good provided you do not have to walk too far.

The other thing is no matter how bad off you think you are there is someone on that bus who is much worse off. I have seen people on the bus, who I knew the bus was going to be their home for however long it took the bus driver to kick them off because they are sleeping not riding.

I have seen acts of charity, kindness, and honesty. I lost both my house keys and an Iphone6 and both were turned in by other riders that never met me and never knew me. My father once told me that poor people can still have honor. I try and remember that.

My father also told me that when all a person has to keep, and sometimes give, is their pride then you accept that gift, and never shame the gift, no matter how large or small. On the bus the gift is a smile, getting up for someone older or infirm, or just engaging in conversation with a 38 year old man in footy pajamas who is wearing aluminum foil antlers.

If you think you are clinically depressed, crazy, mentally disabled or whatever, you will come away with a different take on your life, when you see the real sorrow people have to live in every day. It really makes you think a bit.

When I get off the bus, I know I am coming to a comfortable home, with food, warmth, friends, gadgets, guitars, and just everything I need. Everyone else on the bus? I don't know but I do worry. But being on the bus shows me there are still good people, working hard, and trying to survive.

So thanks to everyone on all the buses, trains, and other public transportation I have used in these past 2 years. I will never own another car, so people who keep offering me cars, thanks but no thanks. 

People need me on that bus, and I need to be there as well.

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