Friday, June 12, 2015

The Great Rock and Roll Flea Market

Tommy Castro & R&B Revue
Chris Rock and Glyph
Santana, Promo Folder and Picture
Kid Rock Promo
Swamp Zombies, Comic Book Bio
Meredith Brooks, "Bitch" Spinner Promo
Reba, Tour Program
Green Day, "Nimrod" Ad Slick
LP Vinyl Record, Max's Kansas City, 1976
Pin, Hard Rock Cafe
Flaming Lips, Promotional Photo
Cheap Trick, Promotional Photo
Adam Ant, Promotional Photo
Kitchen Sink Pipeline, Grateful Dead Fanzine
Luscious Jackson, Menu Biography
"Burning For Buddy" Neal Peart of Rush, Buddy Rich Tribute
Iron Maiden, Christmas Card
Metallica, S&M Concert
The Residents, Promo Photo
Belt Buckle, Gilley's Nite Club
I am thinking of starting to divest my collection through the "Great Rock and Roll Flea Market."  It is on the first Sunday of every month and is held at the Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles, California. In the past I have sold a number of rock and roll related items. This is a collection of some of those items.
Alison Krause, Grand Ole Opry Induction Program
Beat Farmers Almanac 1985