Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Passing Eye Mirror

      This is a "Passing Eye Mirror." It was devised not for rear viewing, but for seeing around the car in from of you. 

     Imagine it's the 1920's and you and your Dusenberg are tooling along on a two lane

mountain road. Unfortunately, a large slow moving truck is in front of you without a turnout in sight. Well, if you have your handy "passing eye mirror," you would simply look into that bad boy and see what is in front of the slow moving truck. 

     Once you have espied that there is nothing coming the other way, you simply step on the gas, go around that slow truck, and you will be on your way to F Scott's and Zelda's, before the toddies get cold.

     I actually attached this thing to my car and tried to use it. By the time my eyes figured out what I was seeing in front of me, I had almost driven up onto the sidewalk. This thing deliberately takes your eyes off the road. No wonder it did not last too long!!!