Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toyon 1966, Humboldt State College, Arcata, California

Toyon is the literary magazine of the English Department of what is now known as Humboldt State University. It was still Humboldt State College when this version of the Toyon was published in 1966. Toyon has been run by the students since its inception in 1954, and all submissions are eligible to win the Ruth Mountaingrove Award.

The Toyon is also a California native plant that often goes by the common names "Christmas Berry" or "California Holly." The Toyon is often part of the coastal sage scrub plant habitat and it has some very cool red berries which are edible. These berries were so sought after as Christmas decorations that in the 1920's the City of Los Angeles passed a law against their collection on public land.

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