Thursday, December 30, 2010

Banking License, Carson City Nevada, 7-1-1888 to 10-1-1888

As you can see it cost the sum of 10 dollars a month to conduct the business of banking in Carson City in 1888. The fact that the bank paid by three month periods to be the bank, speaks to the instability of boom towns, and everything that went with them. Imagine paying 10 dollars a month to conduct the business of being a bank!

What I also like is that this license is signed by President of the Board of Trustees of the Bank, the City Clerk, the City Marshal and his deputy. I guess they needed the marshal in on the deal just in case he had to chase you down like a dog after you absconded with the funds of the depositors. In the case of the B & E Bank, for whom this license was issued, their downfall came when they could not account for a large amount of gold that was supposed to be in the bank but was "missing." This happened fairly frequently in frontier banking.

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