Thursday, December 30, 2010

Banking License, Carson City Nevada, 7-1-1888 to 10-1-1888

As you can see it cost the sum of 10 dollars a month to conduct the business of banking in Carson City in 1888. The fact that the bank paid by three month periods to be the bank, speaks to the instability of boom towns, and everything that went with them. Imagine paying 10 dollars a month to conduct the business of being a bank!

What I also like is that this license is signed by President of the Board of Trustees of the Bank, the City Clerk, the City Marshal and his deputy. I guess they needed the marshal in on the deal just in case he had to chase you down like a dog after you absconded with the funds of the depositors. In the case of the B & E Bank, for whom this license was issued, their downfall came when they could not account for a large amount of gold that was supposed to be in the bank but was "missing." This happened fairly frequently in frontier banking.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

State Poultry Show, Coalinga, California 12-28-1917 to 1-1-1918

RSVP For Chickenfest 1917

Detail of Above Photo
A.P. May was a "promoter" from Coalinga, California. In addition to producing the State Poultry Show, he also allegedly built the first brick buildings in Coalinga and was one of the proponents of the railway line from Santa Cruz to the San Joaquin Valley. I don't know if any of his promotions every came into being.

Father Time and the New Year

Peace and health to all in the new year, Thanks for looking in!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Random Christmas 2010

Christmas Card, 1878

Christmas Card, 1920's, England

First Christmas with Santa, 1988

Cardboard Cutouts, 1940's

Silk Bookmark, 1920's

Herd of Christmas Cats

Santa Cat

Potmetal Santa, 1920's

Snowflake business card holder

The Virgin Birth of the King of Kings, Draper, 1932

All year I throw stuff in a box marked Christmas. On Christmas Day I open the box and look at the stuff. Here are some random items from the box for the year 2010. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Steps to Saturn"

This is a pamphlet entitled "Steps to Saturn," that was published by NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center in 1962. It's a nice rundown of the technical aspects of the Saturn rocket program.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My buddy Ray

My buddy Ray has every NFL television package you can buy, as well as a satellite dish and a whole wall full of televisions. For a person like myself, who has a large dose of that ADD thing, this is football heaven. When I leave Ray's house, the inside of my head looks somewhat like the photos included herein. NFL stickers courtesy of that little machine at the supermarket, and my wife who always loans me fifty cents.