Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nevada Newspaper Billheads

Nevada has a great and storied past in regard to newspapers. They would come and go like the boom towns and rushes that created them. Here are four different billheads from four different Nevada newspapers, that reside in my collection. All are signed by the various editors and owners of said newspapers, and they have all been spindled in a nasty fashion.

If you love, or want to begin to love Western Americana, and all things western, I direct your attention to the upcoming "Western Americana Bonanza," auction which is being run by Holabird-Kagin Americana, of Reno, Nevada, on October 29-30, 2010.

From the looks of their over 400 page catalog for this auction, this is going to be one of those incredible Western Americana sales that people talk about for years afterward. This show features the Mueller-Schmidtmann Collections. Anyone who knows anything about Western Americana and Western Ephemera, knows about these two guys and their legendary collections. The lots being presented for sale are incredible with many of those "one of a kind" items that we hear about so much, but see so infrequently.

Holabird-Kagin, in the creation of this sale, have shown themselves to be gifted and precise in their descriptions and research. They stand by their sales and have a sterling reputation as to their ethics and guarantees of authenticity. Truly a top notch offering of historically important ephemera and collectibles in this one. The depth and quality of the items is staggering and humbling. Holabird-Kagin, have again shown an expertise and scholarship, that places them above all others in their field. As a rule, I do not endorse companies or products, but in this case I feel I must comment as opportunities, such as this sale, come but once in a lifetime. I do not work for these people and do not know them personally.

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