Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Random Newspaper Story From October 10th, 1902, San Francisco, California

This is just a random news story that appeared in the San Francisco Bulletin on October 10th, 1902. This story was culled from my extensive collection of this newspaper. I am often asked how I managed to secure such a great quantity of newspapers from a newspaper that was destroyed in the Great Quake of 1906. This is because these newspapers were living at a small college in Siskiyou County, not San Francisco, at the time of the quake. I purchased them in 1993 and have enjoyed them ever since.

The guy in this story got the hammer from the judge because he admitted in court that he only stayed with his wife, who was in the process of getting divorced from this guy, because he was hoping that his mother-in-law would die and "thus give him peace." The judge said this conduct, "no matter the provocation" showed "a nasty, mean disposition." He ordered the husband restrained from the wife and also ordered that he pay $12.50 monthly support for his two children. It is reported that on the stand the husband atributed all his marital difficulties to "too much mother-in-law."