Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Bet Hoppy Could Balance The Budget

This is a Hopalong Cassidy "Saving Rodeo" button from 1955. There were different levels of buttons and status that depended on how much money you saved. You started out as a "Tenderfoot" and then you went on to "Wrangler," "Bull Dogger," "Bronc Buster," "Trail Boss," "Straw Boss," and then the ultimate designation, "Bar 20 Foreman." As you kiddies from the 1950's will remember, the Bar 20 was Hopalong's very own ranch.
While you did have to pay $2.00 to Hoppy to get this "Saving Rodeo" thing going, and to pay for the cool package they sent you, there was an actual lesson here somewhere. Hoppy knew you were going to need a little something for feed and board in the future and this was his way of teaching you that, I guess. This button is pretty rare, as you really had to be tight in the 1950's to get one. This is the only one I have ever personally owned.

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