Friday, July 30, 2010

"Rocket to the Moon

Disney "Rocket to the Moon" certificate
This is the certificate they gave you if you rode the attraction "Rocket to the Moon," between 1955-61 at Disneyland. In 1962 Douglas Aircraft took over sponsorship until 1967 when the company McDonnell-Douglas, became the sponsor. They also added those seats that inflated and deflated, which were very cool!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacuum Developer and Gift Announcement

The Vacuum Developer and Gift
This is an ad for a men's potency device called the "Vacuum Developer." I did not notice the one line above it until I looked at the photos much later. I wonder what "errors of youth" meant exactly?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Trip to Steckel Park in 1964

A Trip to Steckel Park in 1964

This was part of a series of travel information you could buy in the early 1960's. This guy went to all these places, got the pictures and information, and then tried to sell them to people who traveled on vacations. Steckel Park is in Ventura County, California, just north of Santa Paula, California, "The Citrus Capital of the World," and the home to both Union Oil and Sunkist Oranges.

I remember the crow named Sam, and the peacocks being everywhere and screeching like the devil. The park is still there but it is not the same as 1964. Still nice but definitely not the same.

Tiny Snoopys

Tiny Snoopy Charms
Here are some tiny Snoopy's. These are being presented in honor of a good friend who has always had my back, and who encouraged me to present some of this stuff. Thanks little brother.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The SMLM Card

All the recent news about Russian spies reminded me of my own little piece of cold war history. Just when you thought all that stuff was over, here we are exchanging spies like it's nothing at all.

This card, and drink coaster, were not collected at an estate or yard sale but were collected by myself while I was stationed at only one of three PERSHING II nuclear missile sites in West Germany, during the 1980's. The SMLM card basically laid out the rules of engagement on how to handle those stray Russians who wandered into your TRA or PRA. Since every place on our base, and the surrounding area, was a PRA, you had to have one of these with you all the time, just in case.

Soviet Military Liaison Mission Card
This card had been withdrawn by the US Army, and has been classified as obsolete. The base where I was stationed was torn down and is now a small strip mall with light manufacturing and commercial businesses in its place. The money raised from the sale of the base allowed the nearby city to finance a new library, from the proceeds. The drink coaster features the 56 FA Brigade patch and was used at the NCO club located on base. What is funny about this, is very few people owned their own cars and the only time anyone drove was when they were driving an army vehicle.

Summer Resorts

Summer Resorts, San Francisco Bulletin, 1902
Summer is here and you might be thinking about where to go for that all important summer vacation. Here are a few places you may not have considered or even known existed. Enjoy, and please pass the sunscreen!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who Wants Yesterday's Paper's ?

Some Nicely Priced Shoes

Thank you Jagger/Richards for posing that question on the first song on the UK version of "Between the Buttons." As you can see from this newspaper dated July, 23, 1902, there is nothing new under the sun, except we now have sunscreen and the internet.

The Headline and Partial Front Page
This is definitely not yesterday's paper in any sense of the word, but what I want to know is whether it can teach us anything valuable in the year 2010? Or is ..."nobody in the world...." still the answer to this question?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

San Francisco is a wonderful town

This is a grab bag of papers from various eras of San Francisco history. Most of these places are gone now, but they will live in our hearts forever.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Random Newspaper Story From October 10th, 1902, San Francisco, California

This is just a random news story that appeared in the San Francisco Bulletin on October 10th, 1902. This story was culled from my extensive collection of this newspaper. I am often asked how I managed to secure such a great quantity of newspapers from a newspaper that was destroyed in the Great Quake of 1906. This is because these newspapers were living at a small college in Siskiyou County, not San Francisco, at the time of the quake. I purchased them in 1993 and have enjoyed them ever since.

The guy in this story got the hammer from the judge because he admitted in court that he only stayed with his wife, who was in the process of getting divorced from this guy, because he was hoping that his mother-in-law would die and "thus give him peace." The judge said this conduct, "no matter the provocation" showed "a nasty, mean disposition." He ordered the husband restrained from the wife and also ordered that he pay $12.50 monthly support for his two children. It is reported that on the stand the husband atributed all his marital difficulties to "too much mother-in-law."

I Bet Hoppy Could Balance The Budget

This is a Hopalong Cassidy "Saving Rodeo" button from 1955. There were different levels of buttons and status that depended on how much money you saved. You started out as a "Tenderfoot" and then you went on to "Wrangler," "Bull Dogger," "Bronc Buster," "Trail Boss," "Straw Boss," and then the ultimate designation, "Bar 20 Foreman." As you kiddies from the 1950's will remember, the Bar 20 was Hopalong's very own ranch.
While you did have to pay $2.00 to Hoppy to get this "Saving Rodeo" thing going, and to pay for the cool package they sent you, there was an actual lesson here somewhere. Hoppy knew you were going to need a little something for feed and board in the future and this was his way of teaching you that, I guess. This button is pretty rare, as you really had to be tight in the 1950's to get one. This is the only one I have ever personally owned.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Message Here

I enjoy collecting ephemera and oddities from the past. I am going to present some of these items with as much information about the item as possible, and with as little commentary as I can manage.

This is a bronze medal which was created to celebrate the California Bicentennial, which was in 1969. The front of the medal depicts the California Grizzly Bear and the back of the medal pictures the various people who were instrumental in creating California. They include: a padre, a miner, a farmer, a Native American, a frontiersman, and someone who looks like a lawyer carrying a subpoena, but is hopefully just a civil engineer carrying some plans. I love California history and I love being a native Californian. I hope you enjoy this stuff and find some value in it. Thanks for looking!!!